Curriculum Policy

                                Creating curriculum is like trying to create art. Trends come and go, new techniques are developed and not everyone is ever pleased with the final product. This is the challenge that the creators must adapt to in order to design a viable, inclusive, and progressive curriculum. The process of how a curriculum is made is not a simple thing to explain. There are different entities that hold great power over the curriculum who probably should not and there are those with little power who should have more. To summarize, the process of creating the elements of a new curriculum brings together teachers and subject experts, who are usually education researchers or professors. The teachers and experts are divided into groups led by officials from the ministry of ed. Once a new curriculum document is created it can be thrown into the system immediately or usually it goes through an initial test run, then it is examined and revised if need be.

 This article gives multiple perspectives a thorough analysis. From government officials to experts, teachers, and parents. I appreciated the depth the author dug to in order to explain their trains of thought, desires, and priorities. One thing that surprised me was the amount of different influences that the curriculum has. I never thought about how EAL parents will have different priorities than non-EAL parents. Seems pretty intuitive but I never really gave it any thought.

The integration of treaty education could not have been an easy one. There is a great deal of progress that needs to be made however we have come far. Some of the tensions that would have risen during this integration would have been from the “Get over it” demographic. There remain many people in the Canadian government who don’t want to hear anything about truth and reconciliation, which was a definite hurdle. Also I can Imagine other groups historically marginalized in Canada would have felt some exclusion such as Chinese or Ukrainian (These are just a couple).

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